Emerging Designers

Calling all emerging designers: the Garment District wants you! We at the Garment District Alliance are committed to providing the resources emerging designers need to ‘make it‘ in the fashion industry. We’ve launched the Emerging Designers Networking Group to bring an array of designers together to exchange ideas and information. Our groups grows bigger each month. For more information and to get involved, please contact Ryan Daly at the Garment District Alliance – or 212.764.9600.

The following designers are proud members of the Emerging Designers Networking Group:

Nona E Rose
Designer: Rachel Sax
Specialty: Accessories
Designers: Randi Spoon & Alexis Lawton
Specialty: Womenswear/Scarves
Tirana Jewlery
Designer: Graciela Fuentes
Specialty: Jewelry
Designer: Sarah Schultz
Specialty: Women’s Golf Apparel
Designer: Corinthia Peoples
Specialty: Jewelry
Fine, custom, fabulous handcrafted jewelry made exclusively with semi-precious gem mineral and sterling silver. Corinthia Peoples Designs are WEARABLE works of ART. Her unique style of design give its wearer STYLE, ARTISTRY, CHARACTER and  Originality. Reveal Your Elegant Essence!
Tel. 510.757.4110
FU e=fu8
Designer: Fu
Specialty: Men’s Underwear
E. Kammeyer Accessories
Designer: Emily Kammeyer
Specialty: Accessories
From exquisite bridal accessories to ornate headbands that can be worn every day, E. Kammeyer Accessories are a striking addition to any outfit. Every piece is one of a kind and handmade in NYC using the highest quality materials including Swarovski crystals, vintage jewelry and silk organza.
Designer:  Astrid Brucker
Specialty: Womenswear, Accessories
Meredith Banzhoff
Designer:  Meredith Banzhoff
Specialty: Womenswear/Handbags
Designer:  Brittany Ross
Specialty: Womenswear
Orangia Blossom Collection
Designer:  Janelle Funari
Specialty: Childrenswear
k. grace
Designer:  Kamilah Cole
Specialty: Womenswear
La China Loca
Designer:  Anastasia Andino
Specialty: Headwear
Obradoiro de Moda
Designer:  Bertha Alicia Astor
Specialty: Womenswear
Designer:  Souadou Barry
Specialty: Handbags
Tabitha juSt
Designer:  Tabitha St. Bernard
Specialty: Womenswear