Fashion FAQ

Whether you want to start your own fashion boutique or you’re looking for samples sales and insiders’ bargains, the Garment District Alliance is your one-stop shop for information and we will make every effort to answer your questions. Browse our list of frequently asked questions or stop by the Garment District Information Kiosk to speak with someone face to face.

Q. Where and when can I find sample sales?

A. The Garment District Alliance compiles a list of sample sales in the District on our website but this is by no means entirely comprehensive. The Garment District also maintains a list of sample sale dates at our Information Kiosk. If you walk down Fashion Avenue, you are likely to learn about at least a few sample sales in the area vis-a-vis the fliers handed to you.

Q: Where are the retail fabric stores located?

A: All within easy walking distance of one another! Retail fabric stores are clustered on 39th and 40th Streets, with a few on 38th too, between Fashion Ave and 8th Avenue.

Q: Where is Mood Fabrics?

A: Mood Fabrics is located at 225 West 37th between Fashion & 8th Avenue on the upper level.

Q: Where is FIT?

A: FIT is located at 27th Street & Fashion Avenue.

Q: Where is Parsons?

A: Parsons’ New School is located on the NW corner of 40th & Fashion Avenue.

Q: Where is LIM?

A: The main campus of the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM) is located at 12 E.53rd St & 5th Avenue